Cactus Blue Motel Postmortem Q&A
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Author:  dastridly [ Sun Nov 20, 2016 4:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Cactus Blue Motel Postmortem Q&A

Oreolek wrote:
Is it in the same universe with your other games?

I like to think so. In my head, I refer to most of my games as happening in my Weird USA universe. None have had direct in universe links though...yet.

Author:  Ruber Eaglenest [ Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cactus Blue Motel Postmortem Q&A

Ok, as with others, I have some feedback, more criticism for the game, so I will post it here instead to go for a proper review... because I liked the game, although I could not finish it because... you know, I was playing on mobile and the has no savegame. That is a huge problem.

Ok, the main criticism I have is that I find that the PC has some lack on motivation for remaining in the Motel. You know the other girls has some hooks to stay in the the motel, but the main character... Maybe the hook for her is Dean?, or the place as is?, or the changing cactus sign? I don't know, but she/us want to stay there from the beginning and I felt there's no real purpose for that.

And I felt some lack of motivation too for some questions or actions of the PC. This is complicated, but... look at this

So what brings you out into this middle of nowhere, Miss Maria?" he asked. 

Me and my friends are taking a road trip out to California.
…Just …travelling, you know?
Just trying to get away from Houston.

This has motivation. Those question are related to the "quest" and the recent history of the PC. I could feel related to them. But then, look at those:

"I guess you still have questions?"

What's up with the flower?
How did you end up here?
How long have you been here?
What do you think of the motel?
What do you think of the other guests?
No more questions.

You see? it feels as homework, as, "let's put all the probable topics any plausible player in the world would ask at any moment in the game." Maybe some pacing in those, more internal intelligent to throw those to the player instead of all at the same time... I don't know. Probably I'm nit-picking because... IT IS CACTUS BLUE FUCKING MOTEL BRO!!!

That is, I like the game a lot as anybody, but have to give those feedback.


Author:  dastridly [ Fri Dec 02, 2016 1:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Cactus Blue Motel Postmortem Q&A

Hi Ruber! Thanks for the feedback!

I'm actually working on a save game feature for the post-comp release of the game. It was mostly done before the comp, but for some people it would just break EVERYTHING in really awful game-breaking ways. I realized I preferred no save to a broken game, so it got cut at the very last minute. Still, I am still trying to patch that so hopefully soon!!

And as for Maria, I wrote her with a specific reason to stay, which I will put under spoiler tags below, just in case people want to keep their reason why Maria Elena wanted to stay (or like you said no reason at all). : )

Spoiler: show
I wrote Maria as wanting to stay due to her fear of the future, and her feelings at being left behind by her friends. She feels like she should be moving forward faster than she is, and is constantly comparing herself to her friends (how they are cooler, going to better colleges, smarter, prettier, etc). I try to bring this up a lot in her thoughts, but it's not something she fully admits, which is why I don't go as overt as to be "She wants to stay because...".

Still, this is the relief the motel offers her: a place where she doesn't have to move forward, and therefore, is never left behind.

So uh, yeah. It's not as concrete as Lex's money troubles or Becky's boyfriend issues, but it's there.

Author:  Ruber Eaglenest [ Tue Dec 06, 2016 11:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Cactus Blue Motel Postmortem Q&A

That sounds fair. Yeah, I think I detected something about that in the intro, but I think it there's not enough of it later, when the magic motel emerges. So I think, yes, a little more overt on it would be fine.

Whatever, good work!

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